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    "When it comes to recruiting offshore leave it to the experts - Virtual Coworker know what they are doing." Pete Hubert - Web Developer
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    Outsourcing Philippines - maximum value at minimum cost

    At Virtual Coworker we are experts at helping Australian and US businesses relieve some of their cost pressures through outsourcing. The strength of our recruitment team's reputation in the Philippines helps us attract hight quality candidates with the drive to work for international firms. As your partner in out sourcing we provide you with a short list of pre-screened candidates that fit your needs, all of whom are highly skilled and proficient in English. Our goal is to make it easy to bring talent into your business at a comparable low cost.

    Virtual Assistants Philippines

    For as little as $6 per hour, our Virtual Assistants functions include any personal and professional tasks such as: organization of paperwork, answering phones/emails and taking messages, managing online presence across social media, blogs, and website updates.

    Web Developers Philippines

    In the Philippines we screen web developers for their expertise in modern day application. Our clients recruit candidates skilled in PHP, wordpress, mobile app and software development, amongst others. If you can dream it, we can find you someone to build it.

    Telemarketing and Telemarketers Philippines

    English is taught in schools as one of two official languages in the Philippines, creating a highly proficient pool of candidates for Telemarketing. Our candidates are well trained with the persuasive sales tecniques that are required of effective modern-day telemarketers. Most of the time you can't even tell that they are located offshore.

    Real Estate Virtual Assistants

    Virtual Assistants are invaluable to realtors when it comes to generating leads for sales and handling administrative duties. Our candidates are skilled in providing assistance with: developing marketing campaigns to attract new customers, inputting MLS, website managements, SEO, market analysis, keeping house listing up-to-date, and arranging appointments.

    Call Centers Philippines

    Whether it is answering customer inquiries, offering after-hours support, or telemarketing and generating sales leads, our Philippines call centers can enhance your business's productivity and operating efficiency. We offer high-quality, outbound and inbound call center services to small and medium business globally. Our trained staff will provide a customized solution to your growth needs, improving your customer's satisfaction levels, and promoting your business.