Meet the Team


A serial entrepreneur and our fearless leader, Braden has started and successfully exited multiple businesses over the course of his phenomenal career. His passion for enterprise drives him out of bed in early hours of each morning. A former CEO role had him dressed up in a Koala suit to sell souvenirs!

Braden’s unrelenting pursuit for value has led him to forefront of the off-shoring movement. His genuine appreciation for and belief in Filipino talents is inspiring as he partners with clients to instill the same in them.

When he’s not growing enterprises, he’s drinking fine wine, boutique beers or being worked into the ground by his fearless personal trainer, paying repentance for his other aforementioned hobbies.


Business Development Manager
Andrew started and established a successful career in the wine industry, gained additional experience in the IT and Recruitment industries, before seeking new challenges and expanding his skills in Outsourcing. With a great attitude and an accomplished sales and marketing background, Andrew hit the ground running when he came aboard. Andrew is all about personal development, health and well-being, putting himself out of his comfort zone, and always taking it to the next level! Andrew is well traveled, and takes great pride in fostering long lasting relationships both professionally and socially. When he's not working, you can often find him engaging in CrossFit comps or hiking around Australia.


Operations and IT Project Manager
He is VC’s trusted Operations and IT Project Manager. A “jack of all trades”, with over 16 years of IT Project, and MIS Department Management experience. He has served companies both locally and overseas rendering his IT expertise successfully.

A bike enthusiast that owns impressive rides which are normally seen as extreme by others. His love for Bikes was tested when he once crashed in the middle of a busy street. Instead of checking what injuries he may have incurred, he stood up and checked his bike instead! (A true love story)

Aside from his bikes, he likes to play tennis, and actually used to play with a Tennis Pro back in the Middle East years ago. A Wimbledon Biker at his finest!!!


Recruitment Manager
Armed with her 6 years of professional experience in the recruitment and BPO industry, she brings in a distinctive and powerful dimension to Virtual Coworker. A self proclaimed clumsy gal, she may trip or fall out of balance even just standing but she has strongly became one of the pillars for the company.

Possibly a real-life Minnie Mouse, aside from trying to make VC feel like Disney Land, she is also busy collecting ball pens. Her carefree, fun, and jolly attitude is an influence of her widely expanding gay network of friends, making her one of the favorite rainbow persona of the company.

Put together professionalism, humility, and humor, you will get Paula as a product. If she is offline, she just may be taking her time off trying to propagate life on earth (own interpretations are welcome). Just the same, feel free to leave her a message!


Client and Staff Relations Officer
A fulfilled Training Specialist that has now decided to embrace the Home Based Revolution! She brings 8 years of extensive BPO experience, both in Front End and Back Office support functions.

She loves anything Korean. You’ll often catch her in the kitchen whipping up delicious Korean food or she’s probably at Korean stores buying fresh ddeokbokki and kimchi. If she’s not doing any of those, you will most likely find her glued to her tablet watching videos of the cute guys of K-Pop and K-Dramas. She hopes to be able to go on a trip to Korea next year… and stalk good looking male celebrities while she’s there.


Social Media and Online Marketing Manager
An Accounting in Charge, a College Instructor, and an amazing Social Media Strategist, all is left is Kryptonite, and we got ourselves our own Superman! Not only is he a Social Media Savant, but he’s a blossoming photographer, a budding chef, and a literary master in the works.

One of our go to guys that has very long… Feet! A size 13 and often takes advantage of off size shoe sale. His imagination and creativity take him places, places that made him claim that Freddie Prinze Jr. looks like him, and that his best asset is his (imaginary) abs!!! Ooops! Don’t judge now! We all get our imaginations take over sometimes.


Recruitment Specialist
More than the “Barbie” alter ego, her Recruitment skills, HR and admin background, IT skills, and her awesome Mommy skills make her a notch short of an extraordinary woman. Her 11 years of work history, her initiative and quick wit, her gleeful aura, and endearing charm make her a valuable member of the Recruitment team.

Most applicants find her sweet, reliable and approachable. Don’t be fooled by her sweet facade, this tough chic’s idea of fun is to decipher ancient symbols with Dan Brown, contribute more ideas for the Fifty Shades of Grey series, and formulate the winning combination for the lottery. Above all, she relates herself well to a black widow, or perhaps a modern day Morticia Addams!


Recruitment Specialist
Strong skills in IT Recruitment backed by a network of professionals, and a creative approach to sourcing paved the way for the 7 year career in Recruitment by Virtual Coworker’s own Little Ms. Dimples! Dia pecializes in IT Recruitment and handled various job orders, like Web Developers, Administrators – Systems, Network and Database, ERP Technofunctional, Analysts – Business, Software, Quality and Programmer Analysts just to name a few.

Nothing is too hard for our resident Technical Recuiter. She shakes off work stress with Volleyball, table tennis and lots of travels.


Recruitment Specialist
Cheryl is one of our resident powerhouse Recruiters. Being in the industry for over 8 years, she exudes the strength and traits of a handy and trusty Recruiter. Her ability to find the perfect match spans years of practice filling roles from your basic rank and files to Senior Management within local and regional capacity for both local and offshore clients.

Outside work, she enjoys watching a horror or action flick and getting a cup of coffee with friends. She may be dainty and sweet, but Cheryl has some serious "Oompf" to her. She considers Mulan as her alter ego since she strongly believes that gender won't ever limit what she can do.


Marketing Assistant / Recruitment Associate
Her “Princessy Glow” may fool you. Snow White may be her alter ego, but she is one feisty woman that is not easily fazed by challenges. Working on both Sales and Recruitment, her ability to balance everything efficiently may really convince us and our clients that she has some mythical help coming from some dwarfs.. perhaps seven too.

Kaye is also our Sexy Pastry Chef. Pastries just taste better when they go through her hands! She truly is one of our gems in VC. Besides, in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, we’ll rely on her Walking Dead expertise to help us all survive!


Recruitment Associate
A budding Recruitment professional that is making waves and getting good raves about his awesome work as one of Virtual Coworker’s Recruitment Associate. He may be the youngest in the team, but he’s competency and potentials make him blend perfectly in with his senior peers.

If he’s not attending to his client liaison functions, you may see him going about the art arena producing amazing sketches and paintings or even acting and singing in a theater play.


Web Developer
Give him all the coding and system analysis challenges you can think of, and he is game! Warren or Warz as we call him is our go to guy in terms of web development and system maintenance. With his skills in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, MySQL just to name a few, he is such a treasured asset to VC.

When he’s not working, he likes to watch movies can go busy grooming his goatee! Warz is one trustworthy and very reliable, and not to mention cool VC team member. Just don’t show him any roaches or else he might fly out the scene faster than you can imagine leaving you alone to deal with it. (He apologizes in advance should this happen)