Customer Service Reps from $6 Per Hour

Let us connect you with charismatic customer support specialists in the Philippines
  • Customer Support Representatives dedicated to your company who work your desired time-zone
  • We recruit staff who tailor fit your job description, for free, with no obligation
Increase customer satisfaction by outsourcing support roles
  • Excellent English and minimal accents
  • Work any shift or time-zone
  • Technical and Administrative back office support
  • Part-time and full-time dedicated staff
  • Email, phone and live chat support
How it Works
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    We Take the Pain out of Outsourcing.
    • Experienced recruitment team in the Philippines who source, screen and interview potential candidates
    • Easy, Automatic, hassle-free billing & invoicing
    • Full-time support for you and your staff in the Philippines
    • World-class remote online management tools
    • Only shortlist genuinely qualified and experienced Virtual Assistants
    "When it comes to recruiting offshore leave it to the experts - Virtual Coworker know what they are doing." Pete Hubert - Web Developer
    "Virtual Coworker sent me three resumes, all of whom were suitably qualified." Trent Jones - Founder
    "The best thing about VC is how easy it is to manage my assistant, from what she is up to each day to paying her on time." Sarah Wilbur - Financial Director

    In the Philippines, English is taught in schools as one of two official national languages, creating a highly proficient pool of customer service reps. Additionally, Filipinos are a very hospitable, service oriented, and customer focused people. Our customer service staff at Virtual Coworker are experienced, well trained and most of the time you can't even tell that they are located offshore.

    At Virtual Coworker we make it easy to hire experienced Customer Service staff in the Philippines. We pre-screen and endorse all candidates that are shortlisted for your consideration, ensuring that they have the skills necessary to represent your brand. Our proprietary online management systems allow you to monitor and manage your Customer Service team, creating an environment of productivity and effective communication. We also take care of all payroll and HR issues allowing you to focus on growing your business.