How to get the best of your Filipino Employee

You may be wondering what gives Filipinos job satisfaction. It’s not very different from what satisfies Western employees — a sense of belonging, a sense of job gratification, receiving honest feedback and enjoying a tangible reward system are all key components. When outsourcing, don’t focus on the fact that these are employees working abroad, but rather integrate them into your company culture as if they were in the same country, city, and office.

Having an awesome company culture and a great work atmosphere are incredibly important, and their creation is largely dependent on management. It’s important to always maintain a positive attitude when dealing with your employees to avoid fostering discouragement that reflects in poor job performance. Good communication with your employees is essential, especially when they are living and working several time zones away. But remember, communication is a two-way street; listening is just as important as talking.

On that note, take advantage of any opportunity to absorb ideas for improvement your employees may provide. Different perspectives on a single issue can lead to a uniquely multi-faceted approach to a topic which may solve a problem that’s been eating at you for weeks. So, mention from the outset that you’ll respond to any emails your outsourced employees may send, and follow up if they make good on your offer.

Another good way to keep in touch is to create regular team huddles. Connect via Skype or Go To Meeting (more on this software below), or, if you’re outsourcing several employees, establish a live virtual chat room where you can have regular 10- or 15-minute discussions to clarify your business goals. Keep it light, inspiring and efficient so that employees will want to start every work day with gusto. Create a regular meeting time that’s convenient for everyone, and make attendance mandatory.

Many employers use what are called key performance indicators, or KPIs, to keep a running record of employee activity. These are a great way to establish what everyone in your business should be striving toward. For example, in marketing, they might emphasise things like customer turnover and acquisition rates, existing customer satisfaction data, and so forth.

Offering bonuses is another way to reward your outstanding Filipino employees. We find many US and Australian businesses give extremely modest bonuses to large effect. Implementing an achievable reward system will encourage virtual employees to strive to meet company goals, help keep them focused, and avoid disenchantment. Tying bonuses to job performance reinforces the idea that when the company succeeds, they reap the benefits, which is excellent motivation.

Lastly, you may want to consider time-logging software. This is available for download from a number of sources. This type of software is a handy tool that requires contracted employees to log in at the start of each shift, and log out when finished for the day. Some variations will take a screen shot of an employee’s desktop, typically every 10 minutes at random intervals throughout a shift. It can also monitor mouse clicks and keystrokes. A few may offer an optional web cam hookup that will snap a photo of a Employee working, or initiate a periodic pop-up where an employee will report the task they’re are currently working on. While this software may seem a bit intrusive, it’s an indispensable tool for ensuring that employees are doing the work you’ve requested. Many of the programs will email a report at the end of each day so you can know exactly what your employees have accomplished, and at what speed, as well as how many hours they’ve actually worked.