Online Management Tools

We’ve spoken a bit about our free and safe time tracking software, online chat rooms and Skype But there are even more cheap, or even free, online software tools that exist to make virtual communication and collaboration even easier.

One of the most basic tools is right under the lid of most email addresses: Google Drive – until recently ‘Google Docs’. This is an extremely reliable database that allows for privacy and flexibility among co-workers. Anyone with a Gmail account can create a text document, spreadsheet, form, drawing or presentation and share it with anyone else’s Gmail account. The document creator can also change the privacy settings, so other users can be limited as to whether they can edit or simply read it.

Google Drive is geared towards everyone, not just businesses, and is free of charge. Basecamp is another option that requires a small monthly fee, but in exchange boasts a sleeker, more controlled interface specifically created for businesses. Basecamp compiles all your business’s information onto a single page, including separate sections for text documents and various media files, corporate to-do lists and online discussions. It also offers real-time updates, an interface that’s easy to use, a corporate calendar and daily summaries. Basecamp is particularly geared towards overseas employees and outsourcing businesses, and has a good customer service record and high customer satisfaction. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Lastly, if Skype is not meeting all your requirements –take a look at Go To Meeting. Go To Meeting is global software that features a minimalist interface that can support up to 25 members across the world at a one time. You can share documents and flip through web cams to get the true feeling of being in a face-to-face business meeting. Again, it costs a small fee, but it offers significantly more corporate-geared opportunities than Skype, and is generally easier to use.