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  • Part and full-time assistants who work your business hours and time zone.
  • We recruit staff who tailor fit your job description, for free, with no obligation
We find Realtors the best staff who are experienced in the following:
  • MLS & Website Listing Management
  • Sales Transaction Coordination
  • Craigslist and other websites posting
  • Lead & Prospect Generation
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Manage your Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blog
  • Bookkeeping
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    • Easy, automatic, hassle-free billing and invoicing
    • Full-time support team for you and your co-worker in the Philippines
    • World-class remote online management tools
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    "When it comes to recruiting offshore leave it to the experts - Virtual Coworker know what they are doing." Pete Hubert - Web Developer
    "Virtual Coworker sent me three resumes, all of whom were suitably qualified." Trent Jones – Founder
    "The best thing about VC is how easy it is to manage my assistant, from what she is up to each day to paying her on time." Sarah Wilbur - Financial Director

    Real Estate Professionals will attest to the administrative burden of organizing, marketing, and managing a portfolio of properties. Virtual Coworker can help you get back to doing what you are best at- offering excellence in the sale, leasing, and management of properties. Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants are trained at providing assistance with market campaigns to attract new customers, inputting MLS, website and social media management, market analysis, keeping house listings up to date, and arranging appointments. General duties include answering telephones, providing clerical support throughout the sales process, scheduling closing dates, and securing public information about a property or geography. Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can also help market homes and fill rental vacancies. Several of our clients have Assistants creating advertisements, posting photos and information to rental vacancy websites, scheduling property tours, and answering inquiries about different properties. Others outsource duties related to property management include recording of rent payments received, creating maintenance work orders, fielding tenant complaints, and paying property expenses. Whatever your needs, having a Virtual Assistant will help you focus on continuing to grow your business while providing excellent management and service for your clients.

    Virtual Coworker makes it easy to hire and manage your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. We have a pool of pre-screened candidates who have experience working with international real estate companies. Our candidates are highly proficient in English, efficient and organized, and capable of managing a large portfolio of units and properties. In addition to providing you with a short list of candidates that match your job description, all free of charge, we offer management tools to ensure productivity and effective communication. We also take care of all payroll and HR issues so that you and your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can focus on marketing, leasing, and selling properties.