Highly Qualified Virtual Assistants from $6 per hour

We’ll connect you with experienced, university educated Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.
  • Part-time and Full-time assistants who speak great English and work your desired timezone
  • We recruit staff who tailor fit your job description, for free, with no obligation
We save companies time by connecting them with staff experienced in the following:
  • Lead and prospect generation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Research and data entry
  • CRM management
  • Social media management
  • Customer support and telemarketing
  • Content writing
  • Schedule and diary management
How It Works
Free Consultation
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    We Make Outsourcing Easy for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.
    • Our experienced recruitment team in the Philippines source, screen and interview potential candidates
    • We only shortlist genuinely qualified and experienced Virtual Assistants
    • We offer easy, Automatic, hasslefree billing and invoicing
    • Fulltime support for you and your staff in the Philippines
    • Worldclass remote online management tools
    "When it comes to recruiting offshore leave it to the experts - Virtual Coworker know what they are doing." Pete Hubert - Web Developer
    "Virtual Coworker sent me three resumes, all of whom were suitably qualified." Trent Jones – Founder
    "The best thing about VC is how easy it is to manage my assistant, from what she is up to each day to paying her on time." Sarah Wilbur - Financial Director

    Whether you need someone to answer your phone and take messages, record and transcribe your meetings, come up with innovative tweets and facebook posts for your business, or qualify and follow up on leadsa Virtual Assistant can do wonders for simplifying your life. By offloading administrative tasks, you are able to focus on building your business and accelerating its growth. Your Virtual Assistant will assimilate into your business’s culture providing consistency and accuracy, without the costs associated with hiring someone locally. While it is very affordable for you, we also offer highly competitive compensation to our candidates in the Philippines. This ensures that we attract the best quality Virtual Assistants who are motivated and experienced.

    At Virtual Coworker, we prescreen and endorse all candidates that are shortlisted for your consideration. Our reputation in the Philippines for placing candidates with quality offshore companies helps us attract the highest quality resumes filled with relevant experience and skills. Our recruitment team not only help you find the best staff, but offer management tools to ensure productivity and communication, and also take care of all payroll and HR issues so that you and your Virtual Assistant can focus on getting the job done.

    Our clients report increased sales, better service levels for their customers, and more time at the end of the day to spend with family and friends. By learning to delegate tasks, they are growing their businesses and improving their lifestyle. We frequently hear how well our Virtual Assistants in the Philippines communicate, how dedicated they are to ensuring tasks are completed on time, and how critical they have become to the success of the business. Our staff in the Philippines report feeling appreciated, increasing their earnings potential, and empowered to participate in an international firm’s success. It really is a winwin!