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Your partner in recruiting highly qualified Web Developers in the Philippines.
  • Senior developers available to work your desired schedule and time-zone
  • We recruit skilled staff that fit your job description, for free, with no obligation
Qualified Developers Experienced in the Following but not Limited to:
  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • CSS3
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • iOS
  • Android
How it Works
Free Consultation
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    We Minimize the Risk of Outsourcing Web Development Offshore.
    • Our experienced recruitment team in the Philippines source, screen and interview potential candidates with the necessary skills for your job description
    • We conduct multiple internet tests and approve work environments
    • You are able to conduct Skype interviews and have candidates complete coding or design tests
    • Our support team on the ground in the Philippines are there to solve any issues
    • We offer remote online management tools, as well as automatic, hassle-free billing & invoicing
    "When it comes to recruiting offshore leave it to the experts - Virtual Coworker know what they are doing." Pete Hubert - Web Developer
    "Virtual Coworker sent me three resumes, all of whom were suitably qualified." Trent Jones - Founder
    "The best thing about VC is how easy it is to manage my assistant, from what she is up to each day to paying her on time." Sarah Wilbur - Financial Director

    Virtual Coworker makes it easy to manage your online presence by recruiting experienced and reliable web development professionals to join your team.

    Our Web Developers work remotely from the Philippines, during your time zone and are dedicated to you and your company. Building a web presence is an ongoing collaboration of vision and execution between client and employee. Having a dedicated team member is invaluable when it comes to incorporating feedback throughout the development process, to ensure expectations are clear and outcomes are reached within set deadlines. At Virtual Coworker our candidates are University educated, screened for all required skill sets, and proficient in a range of scripting languages such as PHP, .ASP, .NET, Ruby and Java.

    Whether you need web applications developed, web portals, or web based software, our candidates are skilled in end to end web solutions and services. Your business’s online presence is the message you are sending to the world, and its success is determined by the ease with which customers navigate through information, site layout and function, and ecommerce solutions.

    Our web developers can help you build and integrate:

    • Systems Payment Integration with a variety of Payment Gateways.
    • E-commerce Websites (Both B2C & B2B)
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Dynamic Websites with Backend/Admin features such as: Blogs, Forums, Newsletters, Polls, Surveys, RSS, Reviews and Ratings, Visitor Tracking, Website Statistics etc.