Pricing & Savings Guide

This guide is to demonstrate the cost savings that can be made by using Virtual Coworker. The actual pricing will depend on the employee’s experience, and your exact job description. Contact our office today for an accurate quote.

Administration Support Starting Hourly Rate
Personal Virtual Assistant $6
Data Entry Specialist $6
Customer Support $6
Sales and Marketing
Business Development Manager $9
Social Media Manager $8
Blogger and Copywriter $7
Search Engine Optimization $9
Search Engine Marketer $9
Lead Generation Specialist $7
Web Developer and Programmers
PHP Developer $10
WordPress Developer $10
Mobile App Developer (iOS and Android) $14
Web Designer $10
Graphic Designer $9
Project Manager $12
System Administrator $14
Technical Support $7
Technical Writer $9
Software/Web Tester $9
Microsoft Certified $14
Cisco Certified $14
Finance and Accounting
Accountant $8
Bookkeeper $7
Collection Agent $7
Architect/Draftsperson $7
Legal Assistant $7

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