Lead Generation Specialist From $6 Per Hour

Increase your sales with a Lead Generation Specialist experienced in the following and much more:

–   LinkedIn research and marketing
–   Email campaigns
–   CRM management
–   Target market research

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Part-time & Full-time staff that work your preferred time-zone

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Dedicated recruiters in the Philippines screen & interview candidates

Experienced client team in Australia and the USA

Lead generation is a pivotal part of any business. Whether it's doing web research on your target market, making calls to potential prospects, or sending messages via LinkedIn, a Lead Generation Specialist will help you grow your business by creating a database of potential customers. Your lead generation specialist will provide you with consistent and reliable results, without the costs associated with hiring a local employee. While it is very affordable for you, we also offer highly competitive compensation to our candidates in the Philippines. This ensures that we attract the best quality Virtual Assistants who are motivated and experienced.

At Virtual Coworker, we source, screen and interview all lead generation candidates before you even see their CV. Our reputation in the Philippines for placing candidates with quality offshore companies helps us attract the highest quality resumes filled with relevant experience and skills. Virtual Coworker not only helps you find the best staff, but we also offer management and time-tracking tools to ensure productivity and communication. Furthermore, we take care of all payroll and HR issues so that you and your Lead Generation Specialist can focus on getting the job done.

Our clients report increased leads, sales, and more time at the end of the day to spend with family and friends. By delegating their tasks to a Filipino Lead Generation Specialist, they are growing their businesses whilst improving their lifestyle. We frequently hear how well our Lead Generation Specialists in the Philippines communicate, how dedicated they are to ensuring tasks are completed on time, and how critical they have become to the success of the business.


Most of Mark’s campaigns are sales, lead generation, and appointment setting which have all proven to be successful.
Experience: 8 Years
Specialties: Management, Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service


Mark is goal-oriented and is always committed to meeting his targets. He works effectively even with minimal guidance.
Experience: 6 years
Specialties: Lead Generation, Sales Executive, Appointment Setter


Safia has more than 10 years of professional experience, 5 years of which involved working online as a Lead Generation S...
Experience: 10 Years
Specialties: Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Customer Service, Real Estate

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